Miss KG rose gold studded ballet flats with bows

Miss KG studded ballet flats

rose gold ballet flats
pointed ballet flats with bow

I only went into TK Maxx to buy a new bed for my dog, I swear. If there’s a way to enter that store and NOT leave with a new pair of shoes, however, well, I haven’t worked out what it is yet, which is why by the time I reached the checkout I found myself clutching these little studded ballet flats by Miss KG. Whoops.

In my defence, I’ve been on the lookout for pointed gold flats for a while now, and as I’ve mentioned in the past, when I see a pair, I tend to just grab them, knowing that even if I don’t need them now, I’ll definitely be needing them sometime soon. These ones obviously aren’t gold, but the metallic upper is close enough, and I think the shade will be just as versatile. It was the oversized, studded bows which really won me over, though: it’s not often that I find a pair of flats I LOVE, as opposed to a pair I just think will be useful, so I figured it would be a shame to leave them behind – especially when they were just £17.

As is always the case with TK Maxx, you have to hunt to find your size, and resign yourself to the fact that you won’t always be successful. In this case, although I scoured every shelf in the shoe section (People often put shoes back in the wrong spot, so it’s worth checking even the sections that aren’t your size) I could only find two pairs of these, one size 7 and one size 3. I normally wear a 4, but as luck would have it, the size 3 turned out to be a decent fit, so home they came!

If you fancy a pair of your own, I managed to find them on the TK Maxx website, too, and they’re a pound cheaper there than I paid in store, for some reason, although you will also have to pay extra for shipping.

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  • I tend to scour the shelves also, hoping that someone has put my size back in the wrong spot. Although, I also browse the children’s sizes as well. Ugh, the problem with small feet.

  • TK Maxx does have that jumble sale feel to it, but you sure can find some bargains if you’re willing to hunt! I’m always doing that, popping in for baking tins or something for the dog and coming out with shoes. Ollie has got very good at expertly steering me away from the footwear section!

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