Blink black and gold wedge sandals

black and gold wedges

Blink sandals, £61.99

Chunky black wedges with an ornate gold print on the heel don’t sound like the type of thing I’d normally go for, but actually, I liked these Blink wedges from the second our eyes met across a crowded website.

Blink is one of those brands that has been on my “must try” list for a while now. Their shoes are pretty inexpensive, but they make some great, “inspired by” versions of some higher-end shoes, and while I can’t speak to the quality, the styles at least look pretty good, which has to count for something, right?

These wedges have a 5.5″ heel and small platform, and definitely fall into the category of “statement shoe”. The print on the heel and toe reminds me of the wallpaper we’ve seen in some of the houses we’ve been looking at lately, but while this kind of print isn’t something I’d want on my walls, I think black and gold is such a great combination that it’s pretty hard to go wrong with it on a shoe.

These have plenty of drama, but pair them with something in a solid colour (as opposed to another, equally bold print), and I think they’ll prove very easy to wear – and hopefully have all of the comfort I usually associate with wedge heels, too.

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