Irregular Choice red ‘Whiskers’ heels

Irregular Choice red 'Whiskers' heels

Irregular Choice ‘Whiskers’ court shoes, £79.99

I’ve already shown you a dog-themed shoe today, so it seems only fair to show you a cat-themed one too!

These shoes are by Irregular Choice, and if I’d been asked to guess which brand would be most likely to add a little cat figurine to their shoes, IC would have been close to the top of the list: in fact, they’d probably be number one. These Mary Jane style pumps have a bright red upper and an asymmetrical strap, which we’ve seen from this brand before. What’s different about this shoe, however, is this little guy:

cat on shoe

He’s all kinds of adorable, isn’t he? Does he belong on your feet, though? Well, if you consider yourself a cat lady, or have a particular weakness for whimsical shoes, you might just have found the perfect match. I love the little kitty, but think I’m probably a little old for this kind of style: all the more for the rest of you, though!

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  • I love these so much I pinned them with a pun. I don’t usually like gimmicky or animal-themed shoes, but they’re so cute I can’t help it.

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