Faith ‘Cheveuxt’ court shoes with silver fringe


Fringes. They’re something I struggle to like even at the best of times. I’m tempted to say this isn’t the best of times, either, because these shoes? Remind me of those elderly people you sometimes see, who have grown their silver hair long, and wear it with pride. And good on them, you might say. Would you say it in the case of these shoes, though? Well, I’m going to leave that one up to you, although I WILL say that I’d quite like to see someone dancing in them, just to see those fringes swirl.

If you’d like that person to be you, they’re £85 from Faith.


  • Chevaux means hair in French so someone really was intending these shoes looked their have have hair…how said. Like the other have said, they are a nice pair of shoes but they’re ruined by the hair.

  • Personally, I don’t like them, but I wonder what they’d look like with one of those beaded, fringe-y dresses?

  • So, when you wear a fringed dress every movement is exgerated, right? Would you look like you were weaving all over the place if you wore these shoes, cause the fringe will move as you walk? and what if you were dancing in a crowd? would people think small roddents were attacking their ankles? I can just see it. hahaha

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