Alexander McQueen white rhinestone peep toes

alexander-mcqueen-white-peeEvery time I see the words “white” and “rhinestones” in the same sentence, I instantly think “cowboys”. Or cowgirls, even. Fancy ones. Ones that are all dressed up for a hoedown, or whatever it is cowpersons do for fun. Luckily, though, these Alexander McQueen peep toes have escaped any associations with the old West (although pair them with a denim skirt and I might be forced to think again about that), although personally I’d still be struggling to find an appropriate occasion to wear them. They have white satin uppers covered with black rhinestones, and Matches say they’re perfect for “good girls gone bad”. Umm, OK. They’re also perfect for good OR bad girls who happen to have a spare £935 burning a hole in their bank account. That’s me ruled out, then, but if you’re still in the running, you can buy them at Matches.


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