Heroes or Villains? Valentino lace knee boots

Valentino lace knee boots

It’s no use: I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to get on board with the concept of lace boots. Lace-covered boots, sure. Boots made entirely out of lace, though, and with a fragile, would-fall-apart-in-a-heavy-shower look to them? They just seem so pointless to me. Maybe it’s just because another thing I can’t get on board with is the idea of boots as evening wear. I mean, these Valentino knee-highs obviously aren’t designed for trudging through the snow in – they’re very much “dress” boots – but my mind is hard-wired to make the connection that knee-high boots=cold weather + outdoor use. It would no more occur to me to wear knee-high boots to a party than it would occur to me to wear my coat indoors, so $1,295 lace boots are never going to make it onto my shopping list. (And thank God for that, I hear Shoeperman exclaim…)

Valentino lace boots

What about you, though? What do think: shoeperheroes, or shoepervillains?

(For the record, I don’t really think they’re either, but I figured I may as well be dramatic about it…)


  • Yea I just checked how they look on a pair of legs as well, and they are awful! They aren’t fitted at all so you just get the leg showing through with big giant gaps where the boot is too wide.

    Cut off all the boot section and leave the covered toes and back, then you MIGHT have something. Maybe.

  • I’m in perfect agreement with you on the boots subject: I’ll wear them when forced to by bad weather, but for a nice occasion or in good weather there is no pair of boots, no matter how nice, that beats even a relatively standard pair of shoes.

  • This just seems like the most impractical footwear ever. It seems like if you accidentally scraped them against the side of a building, the whole thing will rip (the only reason I say this is because lace has never struck me as a very durable fabric). Why would anyone want to buy these?

  • They are very elegant and feminine… I am stunned by these harsh & negative replies… when does a boot have to a layer of amour?

    The italian women are far in touch with their sexy side… Most American women are sooooo cookie-cutter. Go to Macy’s and you can see the average women’s taste level uffffffggghhhh!

    • So it’s “harsh” to give an opinion on a boot, but perfectly fine to insult an entire nation in the most childish of ways? Right. So, judging by this comment, it’s OK to be “harsh and negative” towards PEOPLE, but not towards shoes. Can you not see the hypocrisy in that, or how ludicrous it sounds?

      (P.S. I’m not American, so I’m not taking your insults personally, and I have a feeling this comment will be lost on you anyway: I’m just amazed that you would lash out like that at an entire nation of people, just because some people on this one website (which, again, isn’t American) don’t share your particular taste in shoes. Says a lot, really.)

  • These shoes are awesome! I used them now for more then 4 years always with contrast with leather pants or skirt they are just gorgeous!

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