Dolce & Gabbana red patent bow pumps

Dolce & Gabbana red patent bow pumps Dolce & Gabbana red patent bow pumps

Dolce & Gabbana red patent bow pumps, £585

From the perfect pair of BLACK patent pumps, which I featured earlier today, to the perfect pair of RED patent pumps. These things should always come in twos, don’t you think?

These gorgeous heels are by Dolce & Gabbana, which means they may be perfect, but their price tag definitely isn’t. Well, not unless you actually LIKE spending almost £600 on a single pair of shoes, and I can’t imagine there are too many of us in that particular category.

The price is the only thing I don’t like about these, however, although I am slightly biased, given that I rarely meet a red pump I DON’T like. I think these ones are particularly pretty, though: I love the low-cut sides, which gives them a very delicate feel, and as for the bow, well, it’s a little bit special, isn’t it? The doubled-up grossgrain ribbon is topped with a bejewelled ruby embellishment, for a truly decadent feel. The colour, meanwhile, is that perfect red I’m always banging on about: it’s very easy for red shoes – particularly red PATENT shoes – to look cheap if the colour is too brash, but this is just right: show-stopping, certainly, but for all the right reasons.

That “decadent” feel I mentioned makes it tempting to style this with an equally extravagant dress, and goodness knows, there are plenty of  those around if that’s the look you’re going for. Just this once, however, I decided to style these with a more modern, sleek outfit: the kind of thing you might wear for drinks, say, on a night when you want to look polished, but not too over-done:

red shoes and black pants outfit

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