Beautiful green ankle boots by Ted Baker

green suede ankle boots

Ted Baker bow detail ankle boots

I usually associate Ted Baker with (beautiful, beautiful) evening shoes, but today I’m bypassing the shoe section altogether, and heading straight for the boots. Well, it IS almost December, after all, and a girl has to be practical at least SOME of the time, doesn’t she?

Luckily, though, Ted Baker are every bit as good as making boots as they are at making shoes (Which is very, very good, just in case you were wondering…), and my eyes went straight to these gorgeous khaki-coloured ankle boots, which are also available in black and grey. It was the colour that initially jumped out at me – I always think khaki is a perfect colour for autumn and winter, and it’s one that I wear fairly often – but the rest of the design is also pretty impressive. I love the bow detail around the ankle, and the gold hardware on the ends of the bows, and the tip of the toe is also a nice touch, and one that contrasts really well with the green suede upper. The result is wonderfully autumnal, and kinda luxe looking, with the gold detailing giving the boots a satisfyingly expensive feel, although at £140 they’re actually pretty reasonably priced, especially given that the upper is real suede.

These have a 100mm heel, which is high enough to look a little bit glam (and also to lengthen the leg – always a consideration for someone with legs like mine, unfortunately!), but not so high that they’d be difficult to walk in. I think they’d look great styled with black skinny jeans or leggings, but they’ll also be wonderful with shades like beige, brown and gold – the perfect autumn colour palette!

Word of warning, though – if you click through to take a look at these on the Ted Baker website, you might want to steer clear of the shoes: if you’re anything like me, the temptation might well be too much!

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