Peep toes for people who love polka dots

polka dot peep toe sandals

Do you love polka dots? Because I really love polka dots: probably a little bit too much, if the truth be told. I also, however, love peep toe shoes, so when La Redoute decided to combine two of my very favourite things, it was always guaranteed to get my attention.

These polka dot peep toe flats are from the brand’s ‘Mademoiselle R’ line, which is slightly more youthful and lower priced than some of La Redoute’s other offerings. At the time of writing, for instance, these shoes are just £17 on sale, and £29 full price. That’s probably about as much as I’d be prepared to pay for a pair of fabric flats (especially in a light colour, like the white/navy version shown), because I tend to be pretty hard on them, and I can’t see them lasting more than a summer – or maybe two, with a bit of luck. It’s still a price I’d be willing to pay, though, because these are both fun and chic – and thanks to the low heel, they should be comfortable, too.

These are exactly the kind of shoes, in fact, which are perfect to throw in your suitcase for a summer holiday. They’d be comfortable enough (Or I assume so, anyway: you can never really know for sure until you put them to the test, can you?) for a day’s sightseeing, lightweight enough to throw in your beach bag for a day lounging by the pool/sea, and still dressy enough to wear out to dinner in the evening. The biggest issue will be which colour to go for: I currently have both pairs on my wish list, so I can’t help you with that one, I’m afraid, but as far as dilemmas go, it’s a very fun one to have, don’t you think? Which would you go for?

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  • I would have been ALL over these shoes had they been available in my size – booo! I’ll just have to keep an eye on the site to see if they come back in my size again!

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