How Kate Spade made me love flat shoes

Kate Spade green studded flats

I don’t normally spend a lot of money on flats: it’s just not worth it, considering how quickly I seem to go through them. More importantly, though, I’m very rarely tempted to spend money on flats: even although I wear them fairly often, and consider them true wardrobe staples, they normally fall into the same kind of category as plain white t-shirts and little black cardigans – you need them, and you wear them constantly, but they’re never very exciting to buy, so it’s easy to have your head turned by a pretty dress instead.

These flats, however, are different.

These flats are $378 – which is an amount I’d personally struggle to justify spending on ANYTHING, let alone on the kind of shoes I’d normally class as “basics”.

There’s absolutely nothing basic about these little beauties, though, is there? Not at all. In fact, the second I laid eyes on them, I started wondering just how much spare change I could possibly find scattered around the house, and if it could ever be enough to buy a pair of these. (The answer to that is “no”, just in case you were wondering…)

To get the obvious observation out of the way first, these shoes obviously draw a fair bit of inspiration from Valentino’s famous Rockstuds, and this isn’t the first time Kate Spade has done this: in fact, the current collection is full of studded, pointed toe t-bars, so if you like the style, you’re probably going to love this collection. I think this particular pair of shoes is my favourite of the lot, though, if only because of the colours. That mint green and nude mixture is absolutely perfect, and will work wonderfully well with both spring/summer pastels, and darker colours, if you want to wear them right now. Which I DO, obviously: do you think I made that clear enough?

Buy them here.

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