Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2011 # 1: New Tradition

What: Christian Louboutin ‘Mad Mary’ studded platforms
When: Monday, February 14th, 2011
Where: Valentine’s dinner date with Shoeperman
With: green ASOS dress

When I started my Shoe Challenge last year, the very first pair of shoes I saved were my Christian Louboutin ‘Mad Mary’ platforms. This year I figured, “What the hell? Let’s start a new tradition!” so here they are, the first pair of shoes to be saved in this challenge, too.

Actually, I kept things “traditional” to an even greater degree than I’d planned, because whenΒ I looked back at last year’s photos I realised that I was wearing an ASOS dress and posing in front of my couch back then, too. Ah, well, at least the dress is a different colour this year…

I wore these for a Valentine’s dinner date with Shoeperman, at our favourite restaurant. We don’t really make a big deal about V-Day, but we will take any excuse to go out to dinner, and obviously I’ll take any excuse to wear ridiculous shoes, so it worked out pretty well.

What didn’t work out quite so well was these photos: I totally failed to learn my lesson about taking photos inside the house at night, so my apologies for the dodgy colours here: the one above is the closest I could get to the true colour of this dress – roll on summer, when I can (hopefully!) take more photos outside.

If you’re wondering why the caption on the first image declares these shoes to be the first of 71, rather than 70, by the way, well, far be it for me to count my shoes before they’re, er, hatched, but I made a really exciting shoe purchase this weekend (yes, I know, I know…), of which I’ll have some photos as soon as they arrive. I’m really not making this easy on myself, am I?

(It’ll be worth it. I hope.)

Thanks to everyone who’s submitted Shoe Challenge photos so far: I’ve had so many emails since the challenge started that I haven’t been able to reply to everyone individually, but I’ve been loving looking at your photos (and knowing that so many pairs of beautiful shoes are being saved!), and will publish the first round up of your photos on Friday, so look out for that. (And remember to email me your links/photos if you want to be included!)

In the meantime, here’s another look at Shoeperman’s amazing video of the first pair of shoes:

Finally, just for nostaligia’s sake, here’s how I wore these shoes last time:

P.S. Quick reminder: to be included in the weekly Shoe Challenge roundups you must email your photos – or a link to your blog post – to shoepershoechallenge Please don’t post links in the comments section, thanks!


  • Love that dress! It look great, and even more importantly, it looks great on you!
    Hope you had a great Valentine’s dinner. Our 10 month anniversary was on the 12th, so we went out to a Cajun restaurant (we actually have one in Norway) to celebrate with an anniversary/valentine’s dinner.
    And I got a cute gold heart necklace (which I may or may not have been hinting that I wanted for several months now..)

    Looking forward to seeing all the other shoe challengers at well. This is shaping up to be an exiting shoeperwoman year ;o)

  • Oh, and I forgot to say, that first picture? AMAZING! You look so sweet, great smile, your figure is amazing, and the posing with the shoes!

    Both Louboutin and ASOS should use that pic in their next ad campaign..

  • What a great way to start the challenge again. πŸ™‚ and I totally love the hair! (prolly more envious of that than of the shoes;))

    just one tiny question: in the last challenge there were like 75 pairs, so you got rid of five pairs before this challenge started? (that makes me a little bit sad, since they had gotten saved in the last challenge.. I hate throwing away shoes, so I just never do. Which is prolly the main reason why I decided to join the challenge:)) Cannot wait for the other posts and the new shoes you’ve bought:))

  • I loved the color of the pictures, it gave a nice atmosphere to the scenery! The green dress is fabulous, as well as the shoes and the whole production! Simply gorgeous!

  • Wow. Every time you post pictures of you I miss a heartbeat looking at your amazing hair. As much as I’m in love with these Louboutins, I look at them second.. Beautiful look, and green is so *your* color!

  • Good tradition, and I agree that you look great (as always). I’m a little confused about the roundups now though. You said “to be included in the weekly Shoe Challenge roundups you must email your photos – or a link to your blog post – to shoepershoechallenge Please don’t post links in the comments section”

    I thought having my blog linked in the participants list was all I had to do — do you need an e-mail too?

    • Yes, you need to email your photos or a link to the blog post you’ve published them on to the email address above. There are just too many participants now for me to be able to check all of the blogs for new posts every few days, I’m afraid, as much as I’d like to!

  • Those shoes. *dies*.

    So far I’ve only saved flats. This is BAD BAD BAD. But on Friday I’m going to a party so I will use it as an excuse to pull out the big guns. So to speak.

  • I just love your hair, and it looks amazing with your green dress! You’re really making me want to dye my hair red (but if I did that I’d have to buy a lot more green clothes)! πŸ™‚

  • You look gorgeous! I love your tradition of wearing the same shoes in your challenge two years in a row. I can’t get over how amazing this look is. Absolutely stunning!

  • I love, love, love your hair parted on the side and styled this way! This green dress is amazing, especially with your figure and coloring. I think you look stunning. What a great start to the Shoe Challenge!

  • You look incredible! I can’t tell exactly, but you’ve done something different with your hair, haven’t you? Any roads, it looks marvellous. Lucky Shoeperman.
    I had no one to spend Valentine’s day with; that’s the disadvantage of being single when all your friends are paired off. Still, I hied off to the stores and bought myself a gorgeous pair of bronze satin stilletos. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

    • Yes, it’s curly here – it’s normally poker straight! (Sadly the curls don’t stay in as long as I’d like them too – I’d love to have my hair like that all the time…) I think buying shoes sounds like a great way to spend Valentine’s day πŸ™‚

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