Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 70: Guilty Pleasure

What: Kurt Geiger ‘Ediva’ t-bars
When: Saturday, January 15th, 2011
Where: Out with Shoeperman
With: top and belt (gifted), skirt (so old I can’t remember!)

Meet my guilty pleasure: the shoes I bought when I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more shoes until the end of the challenge – Kurt Geiger’s Ediva t-bars.

I love them so much I don’t even feel guilty about it: and hey, they were on sale…

Also, like the Barley2 boots I got in the January sales this month, I’d seen these shoes in-store months ago, and had been coveting them ever since. I always think the sales are best when the bargain you get is something you’d have bought at full-price, if you could’ve justified it: it makes it all the sweeter.

Of course, now that I have these, I’ve moved on to coveting the pink and gold version

…which, as well as being NOT part of the sale, are also sold out in everything but a size 39. Damn.

I’ll just have to try and content myself with these.

I’m sure I’ll cope…


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