Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 69: Very Vintage

What: Vintage Gina court shoes (thrifted)
When: Friday, January 14, 2011
Where Date night
With: Black ASOS dress

For Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 69, I present my vintage Gina court shoes, which I picked up in a thrift store a few years ago for all of Β£1.50. Yes, they’re completely 80s-tastic, but since they’re actually from the 80s, I think I can forgive them for it. Did I mention they were Β£1.50?

(This is the great things about thrift stores: they’ll mark a pair of Calvin Klein “mom” jeans up, because they recognise the label as being “designer”, but a brand like Gina will go unnoticed, because the staff have never heard of it: score for shoe fans!)

I woreΒ a simple little black dress with these. I should probably warn you in advance of the remaining Shoe Challenge posts that I’m wearing a lot of black right now. I just can’t seem to get inspired in January.

(Also, the eagle-eyed among you may notice an addition to my shoe shelves. Yes. More on that latter…)

The shoes were actually in pristine condition when I bought them (even I wouldn’t buy a pair of worn shoes!), so the wear and tear you see here is all my own work. I used to wear these quite often with jeans a few years ago, but these days they don’t see much use.

Only five more pairs to go!


  • Oh, these are just so cute and quirky!! Love the new shoes btw!! Might have bought the same ones, but (again, grrr) they don’t deliver outside the UK. I hate it when that happens!

    I may have to compensate by bying those gorgeous black ones you just showed us… Man, you’re a bad influence! πŸ˜‰ (but in a good way of course, even if my bank account wouldn’t agree with that)

  • Gina shoes for Β£1.50? Lucky lucky girl! They are very beautiful!Your dress is also very nice and I wish you a great date night! 12 days and only 5 pairs? You’ll make it!

  • The outfit is very ladylike and the shoes are adorable. By the way, is that a pair of “Ediva” by Kurt Geiger I see on the shelf? πŸ™‚

  • Like you, I am coming to the end of my Shoe Challenge. It really should have finished a couple of months ago but work intervened. Then the blogging mojo departed. Then Christmas arrived bringing with it my parents from Scotland. Then you blogged about Frocking Friday over at Forever Amber.

    Now I am frock stalking in the USA and UK – summer silk dresses at a snip are in my sights.

    The humidity is rotten over here just now. As I type this comment I can smell my own armpits and it is Not Pleasant. Since people are dying and disappearing in the floods it seems churlish to mention this. However, we have no control over the weather, only over how we approach life. So onwards and thank you Amber for continued inspiration.

  • I see 2 new pairs of shoes! πŸ™‚ But, still only 75 shoes in the challenge? Shouldn’t that be 77 now? πŸ™‚

    Nice shoes and dress!

    • Only one new pair – I’ve been using a “one in, one out” rule for a while now (the ones I’ve ditched have gone to the charity store, so it’s the same outcome for the challenge), so the total has remained the same!

  • Definitely from the 80’s, they’re fun πŸ™‚
    I can’t believe the price!!! I wish there were good (or any) charity/thrift stores in Lebanon so I could get deals like that!

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