Sophia Webster raffia embellished sandals

Sophia Webster raffia embellished sandals

Sophia Webster raffia embellished sandals, £371.95

This is one of those posts where the shoes aren’t here because I like them, or think you will, but simply because they were just too unusual not to show you. I mean, they look a bit like they’re wearing a little grass skirt, don’t they? It’s certainly a very summery look, I’ll give them that. Well, when else can you get away with a grass skirt and a raffia platform, in a myriad of pastel colours?

Speaking of that platform sole, I really like it. I think it would be pretty impractical, even in the warmer months of the year here, but I do appreciate both the colour mix and the bright n’breezy feel of it. In fact, if you can overlook the black suede upper, these shoes look like they should be sipping cocktails by the pool in Hawaii or somewhere similarly tropical.

So what’s the problem? Well, it’s the little skirt on the heel, isn’t it? I don’t know about anyone else, but as soon as I laid eyes on it, my fingers started itching to give it a quick trim. That’s not normally a sign that I should be spending £371 on a pair of shoes, so I’ll be giving these ones a miss. What do you think of them, though?

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