Lipsy Simone platform court shoes

Lipsy Simone Platform Court Shoes

Lipsy isone of those brands I tend to associate with the teenage/early 20s club-going demographic, and while there’s obviously nothing wrong with that at all (In fact, I can remember owning quite a few of their pieces when I was a student), the fact that I’m no longer part of that group means I tend to forget to check out their website or stores. That’s almost always a mistake, though: sometimes you can find the most amazing shoes or clothes in the most unexpected places, and these Lipsy Simone platform court shoes are a great example of that.

These do have that huge platform sole which has become so familiar to us all over the years, but they combine it with a really fantastic, curved upper, in a two-tone patent/suede that I absolutely love. These shoes are packed full of drama, but, despite the chunky platform, still manage to look fairly elegant, thanks to the sophisticated colour schemes and understated glamour of that trim.

These come in either camel with black trim, or black with camel. I like both, but would probably go for the first option if I really had to choose. I’m not going to lie – I’d like them much better without the platform (or even with a “regular” platform, rather than one which runs all the way to the heel, as this one does, making the overall effect even chunkier than it could have been), and its absence could even have prompted me to wish list these. As it is, however, I’ll simply point them out, and leave them for anyone else who might want them.

These are £85, and are available at Littlewoods.

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