Shoe Kryptonite: Giuseppe Zanotti Alien patent sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Alien patent sandals


Giuseppe Zanotti Alien patent sandals


Giuseppe Zanotti Alien patent sandals, $795

Well, I think this confirms it: Giuseppe Zanotti is definitely trying to bankrupt me. I’ve only named a few shoes “Shoe Kryptonite” so far this year, but already two of them are by Zanotti, with the latest ones being these Giuseppe Zanotti Alien patent sandals, which are currently available at Shopbop, where they’re $705.

I actually let out a little gasp when these appeared on my screen, and that’s always a sure-fire sign that the shoes I’m looking at are probably Shoe Kryptonite. (Well, either that or they’re by Jeffrey Campbell, and I’m gasping in horror, rather than delight…) What’s more, I was already head-over-stiletto-heels for these shoes before I saw the view from the side, which showcases the beautiful exaggerated curve of the shape. This is a shape Zanotti has been using frequently this season, and it never fails to make me stop in my tracks, so I sincerely hope he keeps on doing it.

Although they’re identifiably “Zanotti”, these sandals have a slightly more delicate, classic look about them than many of the designer’s other styles. They’re very far removed, for instance, from the dramatic, heel-less platforms and spiky uppers which this brand is famous for, but they’re not less beautiful, with their lovely, pale-pink uppers and vintage vibe. In fact, they’re the quintessential summer sandal: perfect with a floaty sun dress on a hot day!

One word of warning: these have a 5″ stiletto heel, and just a 0.5″ platform to balance it out. That particular combination is going to create a very steep angle for the foot, which probably won’t make these particularly comfortable. Mind you, I have a feeling Guiseppe Zanotti, like Christian Louboutin, and many other designers I could mention, isn’t really thinking about “comfort” when he designs shoes, somehow…

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  • My, oh, my, these certainly are lovely! However, certainly not for those who aren’t experts in walking in heels. 5 inches with a mere quarter inch platform is enough of a challenge, but I also find that the farther away the stiletto is from the back of the heel, the more difficult they are to walk in. I’m currently wearing a pair of Zara heels that aren’t any higher than many others that I have, however with the stiletto being a good inch away from the back of the heel they certainly require a lot more concentration to walk in than usual.

    Does anyone else find that, or is it just me?

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