Carrano ‘Alexa’ jewelled pointed pumps

black dress shoes with pointed toe

Carrano ‘Alexa’ black dress shoes, $215

Carrano is a new brand to ShoeperWoman, and I owe their discovery to Pinterest (follow me here!) – I knew all the time I was spending on there lately had to be worth something. (Shh! I call it “research”…)

These are beautiful black dress pumps, with just the right amount of embellishment to make them fancy and festive, without making you feel like you’ve decorated your shoes with Christmas baubles, rather than your tree.

These have a leather upper, and a 4” heel, half of which is finished in mirrored gold. The toe, however, is doing its best to upstage that heel, with its pretty little sprinkling of off-set diamanté and crystals – an embellishment that will look just as good to you, as you look down at them, as it will to anyone looking on.

As for what to wear with them, well, you’re really spoilt for choice at this time of year, and I’m feeling particularly spoiled for choice, thanks to all of the full skirts that are are currently filling the racks at my favourite stores!

party outfit with full skirt and bardot top

skirt | top | bag

This outfit is basically a ShoeperWoman uniform, dressed up for evening. The skirt is jacquard, which I always think adds a touch of luxury to a garment, while the black bardot top is velvet  – again, a much dressier fabric than many of the others we tend to see this style of top in.

Finally, I couldn’t resist adding the bag, which is by Maison Martin Margiela, and much larger than it looks here. I can’t quite decide whether it’s utterly fabulous, or totally ridiculous, but given the price tag, it’s a moot point anyway, as it’s never going to be mine. I’m a sucker for an oversized bow, though, so I suspect I’d end up going for “fabulous”, should I ever get to see it in person!

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