Lanvin gold platforms with Strass jewel detail

As soon as I laid eyes on these Lanvin platforms, I knew I was going to need a closer look at that strange, stand-up feature at the front:

Yes, as I suspected, it’s… well, it’s a bit like a fence, isn’t it? A sparkly, shiny, very expensive fence. On the front of a shoe. Hmm. That’s new. Let’s take a closer look:

Well, you can just tell this isn’t going to be cheap, can’t you? You’d be right, too: these are £752. What do you think of them, though? I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something I just don’t like about them (anyone want to hazard a guess what it might be?), although, as always, I’m adding my usual disclaimer of “I’d need to see them on a foot to be sure”.

If you love them, however, you can click here to buy them from Colette.


  • Yup, they don’t really do it for me either. I think it’s because with that chunky heel and platform and the cracked leather they don’t look as delicate as I would expect a shoe that’s practically wearing a tiara 🙂
    Also, they remind me slightly of a convertible car.

  • I think I know what the problem is- they look like angry crocodiles with a strangley hip-hop grill effect. The grill/fence is the only part I could love?

  • They look a bit like georgian court shoes to me (the diamonds look like the lace frills) and they probably would look a lot better if they were court shoes rather than sandals. but I still wouldn’t wear them, agree with the crocodile comment! and i bet they rub like hell after a while! and the minor fact that they are rather hideous…

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