Karen Millen ‘Painterly’ floral platform peep toes

Karen Millen floral peep toes with satin bows

Karen Millen ‘Painterly’, £160

I’ve been back to the Karen Millen website, folks. I know I shouldn’t have, not after the Shoe Kryptonite I found there earlier this week, but I just couldn’t help myself. I should probably consider getting Shoeperman to put some kind of parental block on that site at the moment, because it’s not just the shoes I have to worry about: there’s a whole lot of Dress Kryptonite there too at the moment. (Yes, it’s a thing.)

These floral peep toes aren’t quite ‘Kryponite’ for me, but they’re definitely one of the prettier pairs I’ve come across recently. With their floral upper and huge satin bow, these scream “guest at a summer wedding” to me, which isn’t really surprising considering that Karen Millen seem to do a lot of business at this time of year, thanks to people in need of wedding attire.

Speaking of wedding attire, and also speaking of those dresses I’ve been admiring, they actually have a dress to match these shoes:

floral pencil dress from Karen Millen

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I love the shoes and like the dress (I would say I loved the dress too, but I think the print is a little much over a larger area), and I’ve never shied away from the matchy-matchy look, but I think the two together might be a little much, even for me. If I was wearing this dress, I think I’ve probably go for gold shoes, or perhaps green ones to pick out the green shade in the pattern, rather than matching the two exactly.

What do you think about matching shoes and dresses?

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