Chalotte Olympia black satin pumps

Charlotte Olympia black satin shoes with ,ulticoloured trim black shoes with multicoloured trim black high heel shoes by Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia black pumps


THE SHOES: Charlotte Olympia black satin pumps with multicoloured trim, £545

Charlotte Olympia has produced quite a few shoes lately to cater to those who love the brand’s offbeat style, but don’t go in for the huge demi-platforms and often bizarre “themed” collections that helped make its name. These black pumps, for instance, are bordering on “sensible” compared with some other Charlotte Olympia styles I could mention, but the multicoloured trim prevents them being boring, and really helps set them apart.

I’m generally very wary about combining primary colours like yellow, red and green, because it can be hard for it not to end up looking garish/cartoonish. As each of the three colours is used so sparingly here, though, it all works perfectly, and comes together to create the perfect black pump… with a bit of a twist.

all-black outfit with pops of colour


Although I like the use of the three colours on the trim of the shoe, I don’t necessarily think these shoes need any more colour: in fact, I think they’d look good against plain black, to allow the trim to stand out. With this outfit, I’ve kept everything very plain, with only the clutch bag adding a touch more colour. Of course, if head-to-toe black isn’t your thing (It’s not normally mine either, but I’ve discovered  a newfound appreciation of it lately!), these could also work with any of the three colours found on the trim – or with something totally different if bright, clashing colours are your style.

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