Shoe of the Day | Charlotte Olympia ‘Love Vamp’ pumps

Charlotte Olympia 'Love Vamp' pumps

Charlotte Olympia 'Love Vamp' pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Love Vamp’ pumps, £485

I suppose it would have been more appropriate for me to feature these shoes on Valentine’s day, rather than on a random Tuesday at the end of February, but oh well: you can’t win ’em all, and if you know me, you know that ANY day is a good day for shoes with hearts on the front, am I right?

Heart-front shoes aren’t a trend, exactly – it’s a style that never really seems to go away, much to my pleasure. There are a few more of them around than usual right now (Also much to my pleasure…), and these ones by Charlotte Olympia remind me very much of the Christian Louboutin ‘Cora’ pumps, which I’ve shown you a few times now. They’re not identical – the heart on the front of ‘Love Vamp’ here is much larger than on the Louboutin shoe, for one thing – but they’re based along similar lines, and both use a red-and-black colourway, which is extremely effective.

These shoes have suede uppers , a half-d’orsay cut, and a high heel, and seemed to me to be crying out to be worn with this red dress:

outfit consisting of red dress and heart front shoes

dress / bag / lips / nails 

As you can see, I’ve stuck with the red and black theme here, which, although simple, creates such a bold look that it really needs little in the way of accessories. This is good news for me: I love outfits which allow you to throw together a great dress and an equally great pair of shoes, and allow you to walk out the door looking like you’ve made much more effort than you actually have. And with shoes like these, who cares what you’re wearing, anyway?

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