Topshop ‘Jazzhands’ glitter heel peep toes

Topshop Jazzhands

I’ve been failing in my mission to bring you more mid-height heels recently, so without further ado, let me present Topshop’s wonderfully named “Jazzhands” peep toes, which come in pink (above), coral:

Topshop Jazzhands

and lavender:

They’re quite some heels, no? Very Miu Miu, very dramatic, and yet you’ll still be able to wear them with jeans, if you really want to. Or, at least, I would.

They’re £60: click here to buy a pair.


  • I love the lavender version – I favour silver over gold. I probably don’t need them, though…how many opportunities does an accountant have to wear glittery shoes?

  • Love them, and they would definitely be mine, were it not for those peep toes. I really need to stop buying all those peep toes that hardly get worn.

  • I love them and would either buy the pink or the lavender version (probably the lavender). But I’m not sure they’ll have them in the Prague Topshop store and I feel that with peep-toes it’s better to try the shoes on in real life rather than ordering online.

  • The coral ones would be perfect for my wedding because that’s my accent colour but every time I try to click to purchase them it gives me an error. Please tell me they’re still available!!

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