Shoe of the Day | Dune ‘Arabella’ rose gold platform court shoes

Dune Arabella rose gold court shoes

Dune ‘Arabella’ rose gold platform heels, £85

Rose gold is my current favourite metallic. A little bit softer than yellow gold, a little bit warmer than silver, a little bit more interesting than bronze: it’s perfect.

Every metallic has its place, of course, and I happily wear all of them (although not all at the same time, I hasten to add…), but there’s just something about rose gold that has my heart right now, and that’s why these ‘Arabella’ platforms from Dune are currently sitting near the top of my wish list.

The fact that these are platforms makes them an unlikely inhabitant of the ol’ wish list, actually: it’s a long time since I found myself seriously coveting a shoe in this style, but the platform in question is a fairly small one, and it works well with the pointed toe, so although they’re the lone platforms amidst a sea of “normal” shoes on the list, I think they definitely deserve their place.

The other stand-out point about these shoes is the cracked leather upper, which adds some texture, as well as huge dose of glam. These would have looked good with an ordinary leather upper, but I reckon this one really helps set them apart.

With all of that said, and as much as I love the shoes, I have to admit that they won the ‘Shoe of the Day’ award purely because I wanted to show you this outfit:

rose gold party outfit

dress // jacket // bag // bolero // ring

I’m sure there’ll be quite a few people who think this is just too much rose gold/pale pink for one outfit, but all of these items happened to appear on Net-a-Porter on the same day, and as I scrolled through the ‘new in’ section, I couldn’t help but imagine them all together. Whether you wear them all at the same time, however, or as individual pieces, I think it’s a gorgeous colour! 

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