Colour block Shoes: Belmondo Marizar suede pumps

colour block shoes


colour block shoes


colour block shoes


Colour block Shoes: Belmondo Marizar suede court shoes, £105.99

Colour block shoes might be at their most dramatic when the colours in question are of the bright, bold variety, but I personally think they’re at their prettiest in softer shades, like the ones used on these Belmondo pumps.

These shoes combine a total of four different colours on the upper: there’s a beige toe, a mint green heel, coral sides, and a pink platform. All of that’s without even thinking about the sole, which is a swirl of colours combined to create a look you might want to hang on your wall instead of wearing on your feet. I mean, is it just me, or does anyone else think it would almost be shame to walk on that sole and ruin it? (And I know I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate it when shoe designers do something interesting with soles: such a simple touch, but it adds so much to the overall effect!)

Despite the multitude of colours, the shape of these is actually fairly sensible. Yes, the heel is high, but it’s also chunky (making it easier to balance on) and balanced out with a platform. The vamp, meanwhile, is fairly high, and although I’m a fan of the overall shape, and particularly of the way the colours have been used to create a very angular kind of feel, if these weren’t colour block shoes, and were in a block shade like black, say, they could be in danger of being just a little bit on the boring side.

Luckily, those colours save them from that, and as pastels will no doubt be just as popular this summer as they were last year, these could be a useful shoe to own, because they’ll work with any of the pastel shades on the upper, plus a few more besides.



  • Love them, really similar to a pair of Tony Bianco’s I have! Not sure if it’s me but I can’t log in to post my shoe saves…and no one else has posted any, although I was able to comment here, any ideas?

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