Moda in Pelle ‘Sirene’ tan knee high boots

tan knee boots

Moda in Pelle ‘Sirene’, £111.99

Tan boots are one of those items I seem to be permanently in need of (Or maybe it’s just that you can’t really have too many pair of them?), so every pair I find is subjected to ruthless scrutiny, as I try to work out whether or not they live up to my imaginary “Tan Boot-O-Meter”. Which I just made up this second, obviously.

Do these Moda in Pelle boots pass muster? Almost. They’ve been on my radar for a while now, and they have a couple of features I really love: the little buttons which curve down the side being one of them. I don’t know what it is about buttons on shoes (or boots), but I can never resist them, and always think they give the shoe in question a very polished, “smart” kind of look.

As well as those buttons, these boots also score Shoeper Points for the gold buckles at the bottom of the leg. It’s not so much the buckles themselves I like here, as it’s the shiny gold hardware. Tan and gold is a combination I never tire of, and these are a nice touch, although I’m also pleased to see that they’re not functioning buckles: there’s also a zip on the inside of the leg to allow you to slip these on and off without having to fuss around with the straps.

How would you save these boots?

I said these “almost” pass muster. Their one downside for me is that they’re a slightly darker tan than I really like, which makes them just a tiny bit less versatile. Rather than putting them with black or navy, as I would with a lighter colour, I’ve styled these with some brighter shades,  to keep the look fairly light:

what to wear with tan boots

What to wear with tan boots:



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