Mellow Yellow ‘Orambo’ blue suede pumps

Mellow Yellow Orambo

Mellow Yellow ‘Orambo’ pumps, £141.90

I know pink has been the colour of the season, but although I’ve really been loving the trend, it’s blue that’s really won my heart this year.

These Mellow Yellow pumps aren’t quite the shade of baby blue I’ve been so obsessed with, but the slightly darker colour will make them a little more winter-appropriate, as well as being a lovely colour in its own right. If you’re not quite as into blue as I am right now, however, these also come in yellow and black, both of which are excellent choices: I particularly love the yellow version, which has a gold glitter heel, but as I promised to avoid showing you any more gold for a while, I’ve gone for the blue version instead today. (You can see the other two at Sarenza.)

While I’m banging on about the upper, however, it’s the heel that’s really the focal point of this shoe. The silver glitter brings just enough pizazz to dress these up in subtle, sophisticated kind of way – and also to give you the option of dressing them DOWN, if that’s what you prefer.

How to save Mellow Yellow ‘Orambo’ pumps?

I’ve been featuring a lot of party outfits lately (Well, it IS the season for it, after all!), so today I thought I’d go in the opposite direction, and style these in a more relaxed, casual fashion. Glitter shoes will never really look totally “dressed down” – you can always rely on that heel to make you look like you’ve made an effort – so this outfit picks up the glitter on the heel with the shimmery threads on the sweater, for a look that’s comfortable, but still a little bit festive:

jeans and glitter heels

What to wear with Mellow Yellow ‘Orambo’:


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