Zara studded black ballet flats

black leather studded ballet flats

Zara studded ballet flats, £59.99

ANOTHER pair of Zara flats, I hear you ask? Yup: and another pair of black studded ones too, into the bargain. I’d showed you a pair of River Island flats that were almost identical to these a couple of months ago, but seeing as those have long-since sold out, and I know quite a few of you were interested in buying a pair, I’m hoping you’ll be willing to forgive the repeat!

These shoes are a little more expensive than the River Island version, but they have real leather uppers, and are very similar to the Christian Louboutin studded flats which I’m sure inspired them. As I’ve already shown you their cousins, I won’t say too much about these, other than to note that:

a) I’ve regretted not buying the River Island version since the day they sold out: which wasn’t too long after they arrived on the site, I seem to recall.

b) The red and pink versions are still available, though. Still tempting, too.

c) I think I like these ones better: the d’orsay cut and leather upper adds a certain something that was missing from the River Island version. (Not from the Louboutin version, of course: I’m completely disregarding those, though, because of the price!)

d) I’m cursing the fact that these became available right before Christmas, when I’m too broke to buy them. If they go into the sale, though, who knows what might happen?

What to wear with studded ballet flats?

I doubt anyone really needs inspiration on how to wear black flats, because, let’s face it: they go with most things – that’s the whole point of them. I chose these particular items to wear with them, because… well, because I’ve been waiting for an excuse to feature them for ages now, and I figured now was as good a time as any. I do think studded shoes are a good way to add some “edginess” to a sweet-and-innocent kind of look, and although the Louboutin shoes are too expensive for me, I apparently have no such issues with this handbag:

what to wear with studded flats

What to wear with studded flats:



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