ASOS ‘Pasha’ red high heel court shoes

red high heel shoes

ASOS ‘Pasha’, £25

ASOS’s ‘Pasha’ pumps come in no less than six different colours: red, green, silver, black, nude and tan. It’s basically an entire shoe wardrobe, all in one perfectly-shaped pump, isn’t it?

I’m showing you the red pair today because:

a) I’m me.

b) I can’t quite believe there was a pair of red heels out there that I hadn’t featured here: especially ones that only cost £25!

c) It’s December, which means we can get away with wearing our red shoes under the guise of being “festive”, rather than simply because we’re obsessed with red shoes.

Anyway, for £25 you can probably guess that these have man-made uppers, but I still think they’re a nice, cheap-n-cheerful purchase, and the kind of shoes that could very easily find their way into my ASOS basket when I wasn’t looking. I mean, I may not need red heels NOW, but I WILL need them sooner or later, right?

How to save these shoes?

It’s probably a bad sign that there’s still a week to go until Christmas, and I’m already starting to crave comfortable clothes, like slouchy sweaters and jeans. Still, as I said, red is sufficiently “festive” that I think I could wear this outfit and still claim to be in the Christmas spirit, and a great pair of red heels will dress up even the most casual of outfits, without any effort at all:

what to wear with red shoes

What to wear with red shoes:


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