Charlotte Olympia ‘Ava’ Canvas slingbacks

Charlotte Olympia Ava

Charlotte Olympia ‘Ava’ £582

Here’s a pair of shoes that might just have the ability to convert even the most dedicated Charlotte Olympia-haters amongst you… mostly because they look nothing like the usual Charlotte Olympia creation! As well as being minus the giant platform, these don’t have even a hint of “novelty shoe” about them, and I’m sure some of you will consider them all the better for that.  Instead, we’re left with a classically beautiful shoe, with a pointed toe, and a lovely knot detail at the front, which is the detail which made these stand out to me as I was scrolling through the Neiman Marcus website the other day.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the canvas upper, these are from the spring/summer collection, and they come in a summery colourway, too, with a turquoise upper and a coral patent heel. Which brings me to the question:

How would you save these shoes?

I actually found these a little more challenging to style than I’d expected. The colour is beautiful, but it’s also quite unusual, which makes it hard to match. With that said, I felt matching the colour exactly would be a bit too much, even for me, so instead I’ve gone for this little floral dress, which is close to the colours in the shoe, but not so close people will be trying to stage a “matchy-matchy” intervention:

what to wear with turquoise shoes

What to wear with turquoise shoes:


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