Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Snakilta 120 spiked leather ankle boots

Christian Louboutin Snakilta 120 spiked leather ankle boots

Christian Louboutin Snakilta 120 spiked leather ankle boots, £1,345

I wouldn’t normally write about ankle boots in the middle of June – in fact, I wouldn’t normally even be THINKING about boots of ANY kind in June. Boots are for autumn/winter, as far as I’m concerned. I know plenty of people wear them all year round (and with the kind of weather we get here in the UK, there’s absolutely no reason NOT to do that…), but I’ve always felt a bit strange about wearing them during the summer, even although I realise that’s not even remotely rational of me.

But this is what it’s come to, people. I’m really hoping the weather will have picked up a little by the time this post is published (I’m writing it a week before, and it’s currently pouring with rain, and freezing – so much for “summer”!), but so far it’s not looking good, which is why, as I scrolled through the Christian Louboutin section of Net-a-Porter, these were the shoes – or boots, rather – that jumped out to me.

I’d wear these during summer, for sure (or during THIS summer, anyway). I’d also wear them during spring, autumn and winter. And around the house. And to bed. It’s one of my ambitions in life to one day own a pair of Christian Louboutin boots (because, GOALS), and while I HAD set my sights on one of the wonderful knee-high pairs he releases every winter, I’d happily take these too. I mean, they’re basically Pigalles, but in ankle boot form, aren’t they? They have that narrow, ankle-hugging shape that will make them look incredibly elegant, and allow you to wear them with practically anything.

If I had these boots, in fact, I’d almost be able to reconcile myself to this winter-in-summer we’re currently cursed with. ALMOST.


  • I do think these are sexy, but at the same time, Louboutin seems to be in a style rut. They’re been rolling out this spiked design for about three years. I am sure I remember celebrities wearing these exact same boots in like 2012.

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