Tosphop ‘Glamorous’ bow court shoes

Tosphop 'Glamorous' bow court shoes

Tosphop ‘Glamorous’ bow court shoes

I feel like I’ve featured these shoes – or ones very like them, in any case – on this site at least a hundred times now, maybe more. And who knows, maybe I have? I mean, let’s face it, there’s really nothing revolutionary – or even particularly unusual – about the style, is there? No, it’s your standard court shoe, complete with embellishment on the toe (This time it’s a brooch AND a bow, which is really pretty special, but, again, nothing we haven’t seen before), and it has a standard, goes-with-anything black upper, which is nice, but not exactly imaginative. On paper, then, these are really pretty boring, aren’t they? The fact is, though, I don’t care about any of that, because I love them – and I’m probably going to go on loving them for a very long time, so apologies if you feel like you’ve seen them before, but you should probably brace yourselves for the fact that you’ll almost certainly be seeing them again. (The style, I mean, not the exact shoes. There has been a couple of times when I’ve started writing a post about shoes I’ve featured before – that’s what happens when you have thousands of pairs of shoes in your archives – but I try my best not to let it happen TOO often, I promise!)

Anyway, these are by Topshop, and they’re ‘Glamorous’ by name, as well as by nature. They have a 4″ heel, which I always think is the perfect height for walking – or dancing – in, and as they’re more of a ‘special occasion’ style than a ‘wear every day’ one, they’re the kind of shoes you could easily have in your closet for years – and still be wearing them, too, whenever you have an occasion appropriate for them. Oh, and if you’re shaking your head right now, and saying, “Nah, Amber, black court shoes are still too boring for me, don’t worry, I saved the best bit for last:

pink bow court shoes

NOW we’re talking…

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