Shoe Review: Truffle Collection Stiletto Sock Boots

Shoe Review: Truffle Collection Stiletto Sock Boots

Truffle Collection Stiletto Sock Boots

Well, I finally did it, folks: after months of talking about how much I like sock boots, I actually bought a pair – and, honestly, I might never go back. I mean, why would I? These are the first boots I’ve ever owned that actually fit my calf perfectly, and because of that, they’re ALSO the first pair of boots I’ve ever owned that I really AM going to be able to wear with dresses and skirts without secretly wishing I was wearing shoes instead, because they’d just look so much more elegant.

These boots are by Truffle Collection at ASOS, and they were £30 reduced from £50, one of the other good things about this style of boot being that, as the uppers aren’t generally leather, they don’t tend to be quite as expensive as boots normally are, either. Despite this, the upper does feel thick and durable to me, as well as stretchy enough to fit a variety of different calf widths. I went for this stiletto heeled styles, because I was specifically looking for boots to wear on an evening out, but I also have my eye on these ones by Public Desire, which have a slightly lower, but much chunkier heel, which are a little more casual – and probably a bit more comfortable to wear, too.

At the time of writing, I’ve yet to wear these out of the house, but they seem perfectly comfortable to walk around in, and while I primarily bought them to wear with dresses and skirts, I was also pleased to find that they fit easily under the legs of jeans and trousers, too, and create a nice, streamlined look, which doesn’t interfere with the hem of my pants. Now, why can’t ALL boots be this easy, I wonder?

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  • Ooooh these are so sleek and elegant! I’m curious to try on a pair of sock boots, which I’ve seen appearing in stores. The fitted ankle/calf appeals to me too for wearing with dresses and skirts. Unfortunately, despite adoring the look of heeled boots, I always seem to run behind schedule and have to jog down the street to catch the bus haha…. so I default to flats!! Hope one day my dream shoes will match up with my lifestyle 😉

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