Kurt Geiger ‘Sadie’ red high heel court shoes

Kurt Geiger 'Sadie' red high heel court shoes

Kurt Geiger ‘Sadie’ red high heel court shoes

Well, hello lovers…

Just when I thought I’d seen all the red shoes I’d ever need to see, and that there was really nothing left to tempt me, along comes Kurt Geiger’s ‘Sadie’ heels – which are one of those shoes that fall into the, “probably wouldn’t have much of an opportunity to wear them, but want to buy them anyway,” category. Yes, I know, there are a LOT of shoes in that category right now: the perils of working from home, in a small Scottish village – there really isn’t much call in my life for bright red shoes with giant tulle bows on the heels, unfortunately, but hey, that’s never really stopped me before, has it?

Let’s talk about that bow for a second, shall we? “Tulle” is really the wrong word, here: it’s a kind of loose fishnet fabric, which is no less fabulous for the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to describe it. It gives the shoe that extra little bit of pizazz – not that it really needed it, of course: this is a style Kurt Geiger have been doing for a while now, and its not hard to see why it’s been so popular – you just can’t go too far wrong with a simple, pointed pump, can you?

Add that bow to the heel, however, and you have a not-so-simple pointed pump, which is the kind of shoe that’s guaranteed to stop a Shoeperwoman like me in her tracks. Unfortunately, that extra embellishment on the heel, as well as being the detail that sets these shoes apart, is also the detail  that would make them tricky for me to wear on a day to day basis, as it does give them a bit of an evening-y feel. As I said, though, that kind of thing has never stopped me before, so if these were to miraculously land on my shoe shelves, I wouldn’t let it stop me now, either!

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