Sam Edelman ‘Novato’ polka dot platform slingbacks

Sam Edelman novato slingbacks

Today, readers, I finally lost my battle against these Sam Edelman slingbacks. I was trying to resist showing you them, you see: not because I didn’t think they were worth showing (very much the opposite, in fact), but because I have actually featured the striped version here before, as part of a Shoe Deja Vu post.

What I didn’t realise when I wrote that, however, was that these are also available with a polka dot upper. Polka dot upper? On a platform slingback? That I HAVEN’T blogged about yet? Well, we’ll have to do fix that, now, won’t we…

These are actually one of the nicest polka dot shoes I’ve seen so far this year, and let me tell you, I’ve seen a LOT of polka dot shoes this year. And it’s still only February. Since I’m on a bit of a “pink and gold” kick today, though, I’m just going to throw these into the mix, too:

J’adore. Maybe even just as much as the spotted version, actually.

These are available in no less than EIGHT other colourways. Click here to see them all, and buy a pair if you wish, at Zappos.


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