Kurt Geiger green ‘Raine’ ankle boots


Kurt Geiger green ‘Raine’ ankle boots

GAH. I got so excited as I scrolled down the ‘new in’ section at Kurt Geiger, and these ankle boots came into view: the dark green suede upper is the perfect colour for my autumn/winter wardrobe, and although I do have a pair of boots in this colour, they’re starting to look a little the worse for wear, so a replacement would be perfect around about now.

Then I saw the heel.

Now, to be fair, it’s not the worst heel I’ve ever seen: far from it, in fact. I know I’ve said this before, though, but I just really, really wish shoe manufacturers would just leave heels alone, and stop trying to always make them different/trendy. In fact, I wish fashion brands in general would stop doing this: or would cut down on it at least, because while I know I’m a bit of an odd-one-out in the fashion blogging world, in that I have no desire to be trendy, and don’t really care whether something is “on trend” or not, I’m SO tired of finding a perfectly lovely item of clothing… which is then totally ruined on account of it having a cut-out back or shoulder, or some kind of giant ruffle stuck to the front of it. I know I’m probably sounding hopelessly old fashioned here, but I always think those kind of details are a great way to date your clothes really quickly, and as I can’t afford to buy a brand new wardrobe every year, that’s just not for me.

The other issue with this heel (in my opinion, at least), is that it looks like a bit of an accident to me – almost as if the REAL heel broke off, and the wearer hastily tried to stick a piece of wood to the sole of the shoe as a temporary measure. Just me? I thought so – so, if you love these, you know where to find them!

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