Office ‘Hierarchy’ pink satin t-bar court shoes

Office 'Heirarchy' pink satin t-bar court shoes

Office ‘Hierarchy’ pink satin t-bar court shoes

I’m feeling mighty pleased with myself this morning, folks: I went to the Office shoes website, and not only did I manage to resist buying another pair of their classic ‘On to Point’ courts, I’ve managed to resist featuring them here as my pick of the day, too: wonders will never cease!

(I obviously haven’t managed to resist talking about them anyway, though: I still dream of one day owning these shoes in every single available colour! In fact, it’s taken me twice as long as it usually would to write this post, because I had to stop halfway through to talk myself out of buying a pale pink pair…)

(Well, I mean, I ACTUALLY dream of owning Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle 120 or So Kate pumps in every single available colour, but as that would get really, really expensive, really, really fast, the more budget-friendly Office option would do instead…)

Anyway! I’m here today to tell you about ‘Hierarchy’, which, as you can see, is a gorgeous, high-heeled t-bar, which comes in this gorgeous pink satin upper, as well as in black and silver. This is just such an elegant shoe, and it has a bit of a vintage feel to it too, courtesy of that t-bar. Like Mary Janes, t-bars are one of those styles that can be a little bit problematic for me, in that they sometimes remind me too much of school shoes. No such worries here, though, obviously: I mean, I WISH my school shoes had looked like this, but sadly, no. Thanks to the high heel and pointed toe, though, these are an absolutely gorgeous evening style, which is just a little bit different from many of the other shoes you see in this particular genre – and that colour is always going to stand out from the crowd!

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