Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots

Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots

Public Desire Universe Pink Crackled Heeled Ankle Boots

We’ve reached that time of year where boots start to dominate the shoe scene: this is normally bad news for me, because I much prefer shoes to boots (and they’re generally a lot more affordable, too), but one thing has happened over the last year or so to change my mind a little: yes, folks, I’m talking about sock boots.

Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day when something described as “sock boots” would ever seem like a good idea to me, but here we are! I kind of love boots like this: one of my main issues with boots, you see, has always been the ankle/leg fit. Now, I don’t think I have particularly thin legs, but all the same, most boots end up looking like wellies on me, which is just NOT a flattering look, and which totally ruins the look of my clothes. One of my pet sartorial hates is when the hem of your dress/trousers keeps catching on the edge of your boots, and, well, sock boots are the perfect solution to that particular problem, being designed to fit closely to the leg, thus creating a streamlined shape, with nothing for your hem to keep catching on. Seriously, where have they been all my life?

(Actually, don’t answer that: I know stretch boots aren’t exactly a new invention, but they have been a lot more prevalent over the last year, which makes them feel a bit like one!)

These particular boots are by Public Desire, and I really like the pale pink upper and gold heel, which combine to give them a much dressier/fun feel than all of those dreary pairs of black and brown boots we see every winter. Oh, and I love the price, too: at £39.99, these are much less of an investment than the usual winter boots, for sure!

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