Heroes or Villains? | Prada Embellished asymmetric suede sandals

Prada asymmetric sandals

Prada asymmetric sandals, £930

Well, this is a whole lotta look, isn’t it?

Normally when I post a “Heroes or Villains?” shoe, I try to stay as neutral as possible in my commentary, but I’m just going to be upfront about this one: I absolutely hate them. Mostly because they remind me of LEGO, I think. They don’t LOOK particularly like LEGO, obviously, but all those primary colours, then the giant embellishment on the toes, makes them look a lot like the kind of thing a child might come up with  if you gave them a box of the stuff and asked them to create a shoe.

Oh, and they’re £930.

These definitely have “ShoeperVillain” status for me, then, which means that I wouldn’t even TRY to save them in  my Shoe Challenge, and would simply pass them on to someone who would love them, and be able to do justice to them. Would that person be you, though? One woman’s ShoeperVillian, after all, is another woman’s ShoeperHero, so I’d love to know what you think of these, and, more importantly, how you would go about styling them if you DO like them. All of those clashing colours would make me want to wear them with plain black/navy, or possibly a plain old “jeans and t-shirt” outfit – anything to play them down as much as possible, basically. These are certainly what you’d call a “statement shoe” (to put it mildly), and they’re destined to be the focal point of your look, regardless of what you decide to wear them, so I think the key to making them work would be to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible, so there’s nothing for them to compete with. And also so there’s less chance of people noticing you wearing them. Ahem.

What about you? Do you like these shoes? Would you wear them? And if so: what would you wear them WITH? Do you think they’re ShoeperHeroes or ShoeperVillains?


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