Maison Martin Margiela heel-less wedges


The “look, no heels!” shoe was popularised by Marc Jacobs a couple of seasons ago, but of course, this look had been around long before that, and will probably continue to return to plague us every so often.

This version is by Maison Martin Margiela, who’s created what looks at first glance to be an “invisible” wedge heel. As with all of this style of shoe, it’s actually a pretty impressive feat of shoe engineering, and will probably always draw comments of the “how on earth is your foot supported by that!” type. As for buying/wearing them, I have to admit that I’d love to try a pair on, just to see what they feel like to walk in, but I probably wouldn’t buy them. Which is a good job, because these are only available now in a UK size 7! If that’s your size, you can buy them at

Masion Martin Margiela invisible wedges, £265

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