Casadei 150mm plexiglass wedges

red wedges with plexiglass heel

red shoe with clear wedge heel

Casadei 150mm plexiglass wedges, £880

Well, I think it’s fair to say that Casadei are into the “clear heels” look this season. As with the last pair of plexiglass heels I featured from this brand, I like these more than the words “clear” and “heel” would normally suggest to me. Also as with the last pair of shoes I featured, the fact that the aforementioned heel gives allows you to see the nuts and bolts (literally) of the shoe’s construction puts me off them. And, actually, the upper puts me off a little, too: I think plexiglass works best on a wedge rather than a stiletto, but I also think it works best on a very streamlined, angular kind of shoe, as opposed to a chunky, platform one. The combination of platform and plexi, you see… well, it’s straying just a little too far into “stripper shoe” territory, even although these don’t immediately give that impression.

Give these a sharper shape and take away the platform, then, and I think we could have ourselves an amazing shoe. As they are, however, I think we only have an interesting shoe, which isn’t the same thing at all.

What do you reckon? Would you wear these?

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