The ultimate nautical sandals by DSquared2

nautical sandals with stripe heel and red upper

red, white and blue sandals with nautical detail

blue and white striped high heels

DSquared2 130mm yacht knot sandals, £363

I’m sure most of my readers know me well enough by now to know I’m partial to the nautical look, whether it be in the form of clothes, footwear, or both. Well, it just doesn’t get much more “nautical” than these DSquared2 sandals, does it? From the classic red, white and blue colour scheme to the wooden sole, striped heel and rope detail, these just scream “Take me to the seaside and buy me an ice-cream!” Well, OK, maybe not that last bit…

When it comes to nautical, it can be very easy to go overboard (Sorry, couldn’t resist…), and end up looking like you’re in costume. These shoes seen like they should fall into that category, because all they’re missing is some kind of anchor embellishment, and they’d have managed to cram every nautical element out there into one sandal. I actually think they get away with it, though: the style is pretty classic, and while there’s definitely no mistaking what kind of look they were going for here, I think these would be easy enough to wear, especially if, like me, your summer wardrobe is stuffed full of these three colours!

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