Moschino Cheap & Chic ‘Albizia’ strawberry sandals

Maoschino strawberry shoes

This may sound a bit strange, but I’m a huge fan of fruit on my feet – or on my shoes, rather. And on the rest of my clothes, too, for that matter: a good strawberry or cherry print always adds a bit of “pin up” appeal to an item, don’t you think? And, of course, a juicy strawberry has the power to make even a classic black peep toe look instantly summery.

These Moschino Cheap & Chic peep toes don’t have a particularly “pin-up” shape: in fact, without the strawberries, they’d be a pretty standard pair of black court shoes. With them, however, that shape is transformed into something much more fun: I really like the way the strawberry detail is cut into the leather, so you’ll be able to see the outline of the fruit against your fruit while you’re wearing them: a nice touch.

These have just been reduced in the Spartoo sale, and are down to £315.20, with most sizes (and even some half-sizes, which I always like to see) still available. What do you think of them: are you a fan of the fruity look? Click here to buy them if you are.


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