Heroes or Villains: Killah lace front heeled shoes (a.k.a. ‘sneakers with heels’)

killah-lace-upsThere is one truth about shoes that I have always held to be self-evident: that sneakers/trainers/plimsolls/whatever should not have heels. Ever.

But then, this weekend I found myself popping back into Matalan (no, I can’t seem to stay away) for those cute little red slingbacks I tried on a couple of weeks ago. “Hey!” said Shoeperman as I paraded them around the house later. “Those look a bit like trainers. With heels.”

(No, I did not buy the orange Louboutin-alikes. But only because they didn’t have them in my size.)

And I had to concede, Shoeperman had a point. Then, this morning I found these Killah heels on the ASOS website, and despite them falling into the category of “sneakers with heels”, I realised that I didn’t totally hate them either.

I put it to you then, readers: what do you think of these shoes? Are they shoeperheros or are they shoepervillains?

BUY: Killah lace-front heeled shoes, £55


  • do you know, I have hated every single other pair of “sneels”…but this pair I actually might even deign to WEAR.

    I’m not gonna buy them, but if somebody were to present them to me in a no-strings-attached sort of way, I’d put them on.

  • I agree that trainers should not have a heel, however I SOO WANT THESE!!! But, asos don’t have my size anymore…anyone know where else I could find them???

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