The 2 Boden Dresses That Broke My Heart

Guys, I’m devastated. And no, that’s not too strong a word.*

(*OK, it is.)

See, I JUST bought this green pencil dress in the Boden sale last week. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love the dress, and I’ve already worn it a couple of times, despite only having owned it for a few days – that’s true love, right there. As happy as I was with my purchase, however, the day after I bought it, I clicked back to the Boden website, for another quick look at the sale, and what do I find?

Boden Elsa Ottoman dress

ANOTHER green pencil dress.  Which I actually – whisper it – like even more than the one I bought. (Oh, and just to add insult to injury, they took an extra 10% off the sale price the day after I ordered my dress, too. GAH.) Did I mention there’s also a stripe version? There’s also a stripe version:

black and white stripe dress from Boden

Actually, there are TWO stripe versions: it comes in black/white and navy/ivory. I’m not even going to pretend I don’t want them both.  Now, even I know it would be totally ridiculous to buy TWO green pencil dresses, from the same brand, within just a few days of each other – and I couldn’t actually afford to, even I wanted to. Which is why this dress has broken my heart, basically.

Also guilty of breaking my heart this week is this dress:

Boden Aurelia Ottoman dress

This is the Boden Marisa dress, which is this season’s version of last year’s Aurelia Ottoman dress. I bought the Aurelia dress in this green/teal colour (because OF COURSE I did!), but… I like this version better. It has that awesome, 60s-inspired rolled neck, plus a high back – the original version of the dress had a scooped one, which looked nice, but which frequently left me shivering when I wore it last winter. (What can I say, I REALLY feel the cold…) So I want this one too – but know I can’t possibly justify buying it, as I already own it’s near-identical twin.

So, two dresses, one broken heart. But at least they make great eye candy, huh?


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