Nelly ‘Jade’ pumps with asymmetric sides

mint green shoes

I know: I laid off the mint shoes for at least a couple of weeks, and then I bring you two pairs within a few hours of each other. Sorry. There was just no way I could resist showing you these particular ones, though: I mean, mint green, toe-cap, almost the same shape as my beloved Ones That Got Away from Zara? Yes, these were always destined to end up on

Actually, over the past few weeks I’ve seen this shape from multiple different brands: it seems I’m not the only one who really liked those shoes! Unfortunately, while there’s no shortage of the basic style, none of them have managed to get it quite right: the sides of the Zara shoes were much steeper than any of the newer versions, with the asymmetric side sloping all the way down to the sole. That’s what made those shoes so special, and is why none of the others have quite measured up.

That said, these ones are definitely my favourites so far. They’re by Swedish brand Nelly, which you’ve probably been hearing a lot about recently if you follow fashion blogs: the brand has just launched a UK version of their website, and I’ve spent many a happy hour minute browsing through their wares, which have the advantage of being very reasonably priced. These shoes, for instance, are just £41.95, and are also available in black, white and tan, all of which come with metallic toe-caps in either silver or gold.

Anyone shopped from Nelly? What did you think?

[Click here to buy the shoes.]



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