Balenciaga ‘Blade’ high boots with wavy heel

Balenciaga Blade knee boots

These boots aren’t particularly season-appropriate for those of us in the Northern hemispehere right now, but it’s so unusual for me to find a pair of boots I actually like that when I do, I’m going to show you them, appropriate or not!

Of course, when I say I like the boots, I really mean I like the heel. Without that wavy, cut-out design, these would be a standard pair of black knee boots, albeit a rather nice (and expensive) pair: with it, they become little works of boot-art. It’s not often I get to say that.

These also use a silver lining on the sole to rather nice effect, and look like they’d have a fairly narrow fit, which can be hard to find with boots. Being Balenciaga, however, means that all of this does come at a price, and in this case it’s £895. Gulp.

Click here to buy them from the Balenciaga website.


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