Marc by Marc Jacobs suede peep toe boots


Another unusual heel from Marc Jacobs, but I like these a whole lot more than some of the “table leg” heels he’s been coming out with – or, indeed, the “surreal heel” of a couple of years ago. In fact, I was actually starting to get quite enthusiastic about these ankle boots until the dreaded peep toe reared its head toe. The curved shape of the sides is fabulous, the heel is growing on me… but seriously, how many pairs of peep toe boots can the shoe world churn out? WE GET IT, shoe designers: you’ve worked out how to cut holes in boots! You’re really clever! Now fill them back in, please, before our toes fall off. Thanks.

Marc by Marc Jacobs peep toe ankle boots, £434


  • Yeah, what is up with peep toe boots anyway? If it’s cold enough to wear boots, it’s cold enough to have your toes covered. I’ve seen so many boots I like, then discover they have no toes! I mean I live in the south where it’s still kinda warm in the winter, but you still need toes in your boots.

  • I also thought they might not be peep toe at first, but then I saw the terrible “peep toenail” as I call it, the hole in the top of the toe of the shoe that only allows a slight glimpse of the toenails (actually probably only one toenail), but not the full toe view.

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