Shoe Kryptonite | Topshop ‘Glory’ floral print high heels in pink and blue

Topshop 'Glory' high heels in mint pink floral high heels from Topshop floral print high heel shoes in mint green Topshop Glory floral print high heels in mint

Topshop ‘Glory’ floral print heels, £58

This is a really quick post, so I haven’t had time to put together an outfit suggestion for these shoes, but I just couldn’t let you all go off for the long weekend without first of all showing you this amazing example of Shoe Kryptonite from Topshop, could I?

These are the ‘Glory’ pumps, which have become a Topshop staple over the past few months. They’ve released them in a selection of colours, and I’ve yet to see one I didn’t like: these have that classic, pointed shape, which is the perfect backdrop for any number of prints and patterns. The red suede version of these have been on my wish list for a while now, but there’s absolutely no doubt in mind that this floral print version is my absolute favourite – so much so that I’m declaring them to be Shoe Kryptonite, lethal to Shoeper Bank Accounts.

(Actually, I take that back: there IS doubt in my mind. I honestly can’t decide which colour I like best – the pink or the blue!)

This is the second piece of Shoe Kryptonite to come from Topshop in the last few weeks, and if they continue like this, I’ll probably be bankrupt by the end of the summer. The brand has definitely been my favourite destination for shoes (and also for full skirts, let’s be honest…) on the high street recently: I think £58 is a pretty reasonable price, especially considering that these are just as pretty by similar styles we’ve been seeing from much higher-end brands. The floral print heel is definitely having a fashion “moment”this season, but it’s also true to say that florals will probably never go OUT of fashion for spring, and nor will pointed toe pumps, so that just leaves us with one question:

pink or blue?

floral print pumps


  • Wow very pretty (and I love seeing Kryptonite shoes that I could actually afford to buy, if I hadn’t spent all my money already that is:)). I’d go for the pink ones because I don’t have that much blue in my wardrobe but I could definitely see you in the blue ones, though I agree it’s a hard decision as they are both equally lovely.

  • Blue! Though as someone who has very little pastels in her wardrobe, and who tries to incorporate prints into most of her outfits, this would be a hard show for me to wear (tho I love it on its own). I think this is a good candidate for one of your ‘plan an outfit around a shoe’ challenge!

  • Hi, does anyone know where to buy this? sold out everywhere, badly wanna get these for my gf’s bday. Many Thanks

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