Zebra print shoes: ‘Swagger’ by Topshop

Zebra print shoes aren’t quite as popular as their cousins, the leopard print shoes (Can zebra and leopards be said to be “cousins”. Only when we’re talking about shoes…), but they’re every bit as loud, and every bit as wild. (I’ll let you insert your own “walk on the wild side” joke here: I just can’t quite bring myself to do it.)

Why do we see so many leopards, and so few zebras on footwear? Well, those bold stripes aren’t exactly the easiest print to wear, although, done right, they can definitely add an interesting twist to your look: imagine these worn with something like a black pencil skirt, for instance.

These shoes are called ‘Swagger’ – presumably because you’ll walk with one when you wear them – and they’re also available in black and red suede. What do you think of them, though? I have three pairs of leopard print shoes and not one zebra: or any other animal prints, for that matter. What about you?

Topshop ‘Swagger’ Zebra print court shoes, £62: click here to buy them.


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