Topshop ‘Goslin’ t-bar points

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Topshop ‘Goslin’, £68

Mint shoes will always grab my attention, but these ones from Topshop managed to hold it, too, because in addition to the colour, they also have another couple of interesting features, namely:

1. The t-bar. It’s attached to a fairly long, pointed toe, which gives it something of a vintage-inspired feel.

2. The chunky ankle strap, which is much more contemporary, and somewhat at odds with that toe, although I think the designer has managed to pull it off. I don’t have a lot of love for ankle straps, but if I AM going to wear them, I much prefer thick ones to thin one: they’re a little less likely to dig into my ankle, and if they’re wide enough and loose enough, they don’t have quite as much of a cankle-creating effect.

In addition to the mint green, these shoes also come in a peachy-pink and a basic black. While the two pastel shades have a very summery feel to them, which is appropriate right now, if you’re looking for a year-round shoe, the black ones might be a better bet, and are the kind of shoes that would work for the office, and then out for drinks afterwards.

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